Child Day Care and Preschool in Iowa City:
Natural Playscape, Life-Skills and Self-Initiated Activies, Organic and Local Lunch and Snacks


Kirkwood School for Children
1107 Kirkwood Ct, Iowa City IA
(319) 337 2644

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1107 Kirkwood Ct, Iowa City IA
(319) 337 2644

Kirkwood School, Iowa City, Tim reading to kids

experience and knowledge

Long time and experienced staff knowledgeable about languages, science, music, natural systems, organic and renewable practices, repurposing, learning theories, child development, families, and communication skills.

available and flexible

  • Available for kids 2 years and older
  • Available year round, after school, and school vacations for 2 to 9 year olds
  • 7:30am to 5:30 pm weekdays
  • Flexible schedule, full and part time

"my kids"

Kirkwood School, Iowa City, Kids in Costumes

I've never seen kids so happy in a childcare center. (a nurse for Childcare Resources and Referrals)
Mom, I love mulberries! I want to stay and play outside some more. (a kid)
My kids eat fresh organic food every day and get so involved in the activities, what could be better? (a parent)
I really love the backyard with the natural landscape, the sand area and all the trees and play houses. The kids are never bored. (a parent)
We love the creativity here. The kids can be themselves and we can do the projects they're into. (a staff)
We provide a safe and healthy environment for a young person's ongoing development and skills acquisition. (the School Director)

encourage and facilitate

We use childhood developmental theories, philosophies of self-actualization and interpersonal communication models as guidance and inspiration for daily life at the School. We encourage curiosity, creativity, family systems, and exploration of self and surroundings. We grow healthy resilient children with strong life skills and behavioral choices.

providing and offering

  • Providing service to the community since the 1970s. Under the current director Tim Tabor since 1995.
  • Offering music, art projects, activity choices, natural landscapes, play areas, gardens, visiting artists, and that's not all!
  • Vegetarian snacks and lunches prepared daily in our kitchen (mostly organic). Special food accommodations.
Kirkwood School, Iowa City, Kids Kirkwood School, Iowa City, Kids Kirkwood School, Iowa City, Kids